Using a Sliding Fee Scale

How do you assess a client's ability to pay for STD services if they don't have insurance or don't want to use their insurance because of concerns about breach of confidentiality?

Using a sliding fee scale allows you to determine the ability of the client to pay for STD services in an objective manner. The Fee Scale is based on Federal Poverty Levels and the individual's household income and family size.

Things to Consider when Implementing a Sliding Fee Scale:

  • No patient should be denied services due to inability to pay
  • Post notice in clinic and on the web site so clients are aware that a sliding fee scale is available 
  • How much client pays is based on the its annual income
  • Client confidentiality is maintained
  • For clients at or below 100% poverty, fees must slide to zero or minimal fee

In order to develop a sliding fee scale you must determine how much it costs for your agency to provide STD services by conducting a cost analysis.

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